Nobody wants to live in fear or feel unsafe. Each and every day we are surrounded by elements that potentially pose a threat to us and leave us exposed to situations out of our control, no matter how safe they may appear on the outside.  Normally you wouldn’t suspect the tire swing tied to a strong thick branch in your back yard to snap when kids are playing on it, or the BBQ gas tank to cause a fire, the tall ladder, the 3 year old kitchen toaster and the list goes on and on. Seemingly safe but when their days are over, look out, because you or your family could be the next casualty. Most of us are cautious by nature and will attend to the obvious items in need of fixing and omit ones we are unaware of. If you could do something to protect yourself and your family from unfortunate incidents, you would take all the necessary measures no matter what the cost. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

We roam around public areas for about 11 to 12 hours every day. We are at risk not only at home but even more so the moment we step outside. We spend most of our day at the workplace, fully trusting appliances and facilities at the company’s premises as we make the office our second home. We see the latest CCTV cameras installed, double-lock vaults keeping certain areas secure, security guards, alarm systems, precautionary warning signs posted, but as we relax and feel safer we commonly forget to take a closer look at some of the issues easily overlooked that pose even a greater danger.

Businesses are becoming more and more equipment dependent, factories have heavy machinery plugged in 24/7, small and large offices have computers and peripherals networked and interconnected, sometimes sharing an extension cord that isn’t designed to take the load. Electrical cords tangled or stretching across common pathways, freezers in a convenience store that operate non-stop, children occupying computer rooms in schools, no matter where you are, we are not going to be far from being in direct contact with electrical cords or appliances. We visit or live in these places every day, but have you ever asked yourself? Just how safe are they for us and our children?

The process of tag and testing done for home or business by a trusted firm is essential for every day safety and compliance. The keen eye of a licensed technician easily detects faulty wires or hazardous appliances likely to cause harm or simply don’t comply with latest standards. Technicians will test and tag equipment and cords and determine if it can be used or it needs urgent replacement. In addition to this, expert technicians also give advice relating to Occupational Health & Safety Regulations. Ranging from a missing control dial on a toaster, a misplaced front cover of a desktop tower or a hidden crack in the electrical cord can be trivial but are cause for concern and picked up by the trained eye. Many of the little problems that normally get solved by just placing a strip of electrical tape here and there may be the trigger for the next fire in your home or workplace. These things are usually taken for granted as we don’t think they require any further attention, but a trusted technician will do a complete test and tag and identify the possible dangers, safe to say that heeding the advice of a specialist could actually save lives and the business.

Companies that can do tag and testing in your offices are easily found. Don’t forget, you also got to get value for money with the right firm that has reasonable rates and someone that will get back to you with a comprehensive report after just 24 hours, which would be quite impressive. A reliable company will have a range of services and will also demonstrate their expertise when they answer enquiries and give advice. Have your trusted firm give you a sensible quote today and start making the workplace a trusted second home to your employees and clients as well.

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